Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Westbound On Lincoln

The Missus and I were driving down Lincoln Way to drop off an important document...that's right people in the Bay Area, it is Lincoln "Way." Not "street." Not "avenue." "Way," as in I looked it up and as a native San Franciscan, I've been wrong about it my whole life. I might be wrong about the street names, but I'll bet anyone that I cannot get lost between the Golden Gate Bridge and Daly City. N-yahhh! : P

So as we are going down Lincoln Way and waiting to cross at Fifth Avenue and Lincoln, on the Golden Gate Park side, there is a woman holding a rod. And that rod, is cradling a spine which she has slung over her shoulder. As we pass her by, I remark...

Me: Did you see that?
The Missus: See what?
Me: That woman, she was carrying a spine.
The Missus: Where?
Me: Back there...see?
The Missus: Maybe she's on her way to a board meeting downtown and she's letting people know not to mess with her.
Me: Naw, she's probably on her way to the UC (UCSF Hospital and Medical School).

Then again, maybe the Missus was right. Maybe that woman is brand new on the job and she's giving everyone a silent heads up, as in, "those who trespass against me? Caaah-ricccck!"

Or, "touch the candy at my desk or my lunch in the refrigerator, and I'll be forced to add to my collection."


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