Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Best Sports Quote Of The Year

"I don't try getting into his head, that's for sure. It's an empty place."

Robert Esche, the Philadelphia Flyers goalie on his coach, Ken Hitchcock. This was in response to Hitchcock choosing to start Esche against a 5-0 Buffalo Sabres, after benching him for four straight games. Esche then proceeded to give up nine goals, in the Sabres 9-1 blowout of the Flyers. A low score for a Canadian Football game, but a ridiculous score for hockey.

Usually you want to take your goalie out after he gives up five goals, to protect his psyche and to give the backup some playing time in a game that is already lost. Somehow, I don't think that they'll be exchanging Christmas presents this year.


Blogger haahnster said...

Let me make sure I didn't read that too quickly, as I haven't folowed the NHL very closely in many years.

That was a goalie making reference to his coach as empty-headed, correct?

That is the best line I've seen quoted in any sport all year.

Thu Oct 19, 05:45:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

"That was a goalie making reference to his coach as empty-headed, correct?"

Yeah. Sorry Haahnster, I edited that for clarification. I wasn't familiar with Esche until ESPN pointed the quote out, before showing the Sabres decimating the poor guy.

I'm a fair-weather hockey fan and I don't get into the season, until football is more or less over. Still, GO SHARKS!

Thu Oct 19, 08:27:00 AM PDT  

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