Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And So It Begins Again

A title worthy of an all points bulletin by the grammar police. I am not a reality TV maven by any stretch of the imagination. I will watch dating shows and just about anything on VH-1, TLC or Bravo at least once. The only shows where I've watched most of, or all of their entire runs are: "Project Greenlight; Season Three," "Last Comic Standing; Season Two" and one of my all time favorites, "Top Chef."

Now, I know that reality TV is about is unreal as you can get. Most of the shots and certainly 99.5% of the situations are staged. The phrase "reality TV" actually translates to "we don't want to pay the writers and crew what they're worth and we're trying to circumvent paying out benefits."

Yet, what I enjoyed about "Greenlight; Season Three" and "Top Chef" was that very little of those shows had to be staged, because of the personalities and natures of the people in those businesses. Throw them together in a room and the rest takes care of its self.

A commercial on Bravo misinformed me by saying that Season Two of "Top Chef" was already underway. False alarm, they are repeats from Season One according to Bravo's site and Two kicks off on October 18th.

No overtly contrived situations with smarmy English chefs barking at people like on Fox. Just difficult culinary challenges in a short amount of time and the natural ambition of cooks wanting to be Top Chef

Of course when things don't get dramatic enough, they ply them with large amounts of liquor. Yeah, that's real.

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Blogger katie schwartz said...

so, your television dirty little secret is reality. nice, wp... have you watched project runway? for tim gunn alone, you have to watch it. he's the quintessential queen. flawless in every sense of the word.

Wed Oct 04, 10:03:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

I've never watched more than five minutes of "Runway" because I'm a jeans and t-shirt guy. Fashion is foreign to me beyond Armani and the behind the scenes of that world really don't interest me.

I'm sure that "Top Chef" is more or less the same show, only with a subject that I can actually get into.

Thu Oct 05, 07:14:00 AM PDT  

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