Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, Swell


Blogger BeckEye said...

I've always heard that sunlight helps protect against breast cancer. Of course, too much of it will probably give you skin cancer.

Thu Nov 29, 06:48:00 PM PST  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...


I haven't been getting enough sunlight, as most who work my shift do. I get depressed when I don't enough sunlight and I wouldn't survive one winter up at the Artic Circle.

Thu Nov 29, 07:54:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bubs said...

Holy shit.

I switch between days (8:30-5pm) and evenings (3:30pm-midnight) with the occasional 20 hour workday thrown in every few weeks. I can't imagine working a permanent overnight shift any more--I used to work rotating shifts, changing every month from evenings-days-midnights, but that was 16 years ago. We plucked two of our detectives off the midnight shift a few years ago, and it was amazing to see the overall change in their demeanor and well-being after they'd been on a normal shift

Fri Nov 30, 06:16:00 AM PST  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...


I've been 10PM to 6AM for about sixteen of the eighteen years I've been working with this company. The article said that it is even worse for those that switch back and forth between grave and regular.

I imagine that your detectives have it even worse, seeing the worst that the community has to offer, then having to sleep through the day.

Fri Nov 30, 08:31:00 AM PST  
Blogger Quin said...

i link my cancer to running behind the ddt truck when i was a kid.

Fri Nov 30, 11:25:00 AM PST  
Blogger Dale said...

I would recommend we all stop working immediately and for good. I'm working on a lottery win and will keep you posted.

Sat Dec 01, 04:43:00 AM PST  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...


You did battle with the big "C" or is it still ongoing?


Someone stole "my" $45 million the other week, so I'm kind of skeptical of that method.

Sat Dec 01, 09:16:00 PM PST  

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