Saturday, October 28, 2006

Every So Often, You Stumble Across A Gem

I conservatively read over a sixty blogs a week. I'm not kidding, sixty.

And every so often, I'll hit up an old link, just for the hell of it. Mystery Dawg hardly ever updates, so he was completely off my blog radar, until I clicked over the other day.

I found this gem, a short story from Pearce Hansen, "
The Day He Raised." It's a short story about a cat who just gets out of Pelican Bay, the prison up by the Oregon border that they send criminals that are too hardcore for even San Quentin. I always wondered what it would be like released into the middle of nowhere and just what worlds exist just outside of the roads that we travel. Mr. Hansen does not disappoint.

My kind of writing, my kind of neo-noir.

Even better yet, "Raised" is a chapter in the novel "
Street Raised," that is coming out this Thursday.



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