Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Way I Swerve Through The Curves...

...really wrecks your nerves, Sugarfoot. Yes, that was me with the sunroof all the back this morning and my right fingers in the air. Everyone was so nice on my commute home, that I didn't have to fold four of my fingers down.

There's nothing like sticking my right hand up as I glide through the curves, something akin to a dog sticking his head out the window. I even went old school with a little "raise the roof."

And there's nothing like the Internet where all your wildest references and allusions can come true, Pedro, because you can link them.



Blogger BeckEye said...

I have to walk everywhere these days, so the world is my sunroof.

Thankfully, the subway doesn't have one, or I'd probably be doused in rat feces and dirt everyday.

Wed May 23, 10:40:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...


I do miss being able to read while going to work, but the reliablity of the streetcars in the last two years has turned into next to nothing.

Yeah, NYC dirt? Grime from the 1880's, good stuff and high in iron.

Wed May 23, 08:45:00 PM PDT  
Blogger angel said...

sooooo... you drive everywhere with your fingers up in case you need to fold four of them down...?

Sun May 27, 09:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...


I actually could. I spent the first eleven years of my driving life, driving a stick shift and my right is my faster hand.

Sun May 27, 08:27:00 PM PDT  

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