Monday, March 10, 2008

Quin Humours Me With A "U"

If you've never been to Quin's blog, you should go and check it out. She has been to that "sceptred isle" and lived to tell about it ( tiny water heaters in winter and all). And if that's not enough, she ate the food there. Brave as 'ell, she is, wot?

She speaks of motherhood, of life behind the camera, of the NYC, and the best part of all, the only blog where you will find "The Chronicles of Neville." You ask who is "Neville?" Why, I'll have you know that he is the most fascinating personality in all of Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

Check it out for yourself and if this isn't a sign, one of the local Public Television stations is running one of those England by air shows as I type this!

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