Sunday, April 01, 2007

No April Fools Jokes Here

I don't do April Fool's jokes. I do wordplays, light prank phone calls involving various accents (both foreign and domestic) that you will probably figure out within thirty seconds that it's me, if you haven't already looked at your caller ID. And I tease you mercilessly, 'cause that's what I do.

Baring that in mind, it is the day after Procrastinator Junior's birthday and unlike one of his grand aunts, he wasn't going to an April Fool's baby. Because it was going to be bad enough, being a son of a procrastinator...

Look, Jimmy, I know I've said it before, but I'll get around to playing tag tomorrow. I promise.

On the other hand, it's better than being a son of a Bush (ba-dum-chee!). That's right people, I got a million more like 'em and I'll be here all week...

because quite frankly, it's my blog.

I didn't get over to the people that I tagged yet...that is, I glanced at Katie's and I haven't read Dale's, but I did read the excellent one of Johnny Dollar's. The reason why my Internet presence was cut short, was because I got under the weather a little before the party and full-on after.

I have allergies and sometime Friday night, a scratchy throat, coupled with that runned-down feeling, jumped into the pile of symptoms. So I'm not sure what I've come down with, is it an "allergold?" Or is it a "coldergy?"

I did get to see "Harsh Times." The directorial debut of David Ayer, the writer of "Training Day." He wrote it around the same time as "Training Day" and they are very similar themes. Two guys driving around Los Angeles, exposing its dark underbelly. The fact that the world is one huge shade of gray, as opposed to black and white. "Man" as a "monster," or "is he the anti-hero, or the pro-villain?"

The fact that violence is the only true perpetual motion machine. Nihilism not necesarily at its finest, but I enjoyed it. Like "Training Day," the cast is outstanding from top to bottom and the reason I think most people won't like it is, it's not a glossy, Hollywood film. Ayer gives a very slow and deliberate, "documentary" type of pace.

Hopefully I'll stick enough through tonight and I'll take the work day off, in an effort to get some writing done and see "The Lookout."

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Blogger "jew" "girl" said...

I'm sorry you have jewergies, bubbie.

I am dying to see that movie. thanks for posting about it. now I'm really going to see it.

happy birthday to wp jr. what's on the agendarooney this fabu sunday?

have the best day,

Sun Apr 01, 12:30:00 PM PDT  
Blogger chelene said...

Feel better, WP. Do post about The Lookout if you go see it, I'm considering seeing it once I find one of the three theatres it's playing in here.

Sun Apr 01, 12:55:00 PM PDT  
Blogger BeckEye said...

HB to tha' JR WP.

I was going to post something about Sunjaya dropping out of AI in mock-news fashion, but I figured that everyone would know it was an April Fool's joke, and possibly an unoriginal one at that. So, I'm taking the day off. From blogging, not commenting.

Sun Apr 01, 02:03:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

First, thanks to all those, both on the blog and in the real worlkd, that wished Junior a happy birthday...


I think you'll dig "Harsh Times," because as David Ayer says, "it's my love letter to L.A."

The agenda today was sleep, sleep and more sleep. Since Friday night until now, I've slept twenty-six hours.


My co-workers are counting on me to come in tonight, but I think I would be better served by taking a day off. That said, I really want to see "The Lookout," sickness or not. Levitt was good in "Brick" and every review with the exception of the N.Y. Times, seem to praise it.


I've just realized that Sunjaya is the "Rooster" that Alice In Chains was talking about. "You know he ain't gonna die," or get voted off until the next to last, or very last show.

I thought you'd have a great April Fool's post in store, with so much pop culture idiocy around. Yet, it's better you take a day off than burn out.

Sun Apr 01, 06:44:00 PM PDT  

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