Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hi-atus Until July 30th

I'm not complaining, I'm merely explaining my actions...

The same four people come by everyday (xoxoxo for them).
Pretty much the same eight people lurk every other day (xoxoxo for them, too).
A dozen people come by once a week.

A lot of my regulars don't drop by much anymore, that's okay. That's the flux of blogging and a this is a constant not only in blogging, but also in life.

I spent most of this morning writing a short story, so I'm kinda tapped out. The thing is that I am tapped out virtually every day and this blog has become something of a chore, rather than a source of fun or a creative outlet. So if I spend my remaining energy every day on this thing and everyone feels kind of indifferent, I'd rather spend that meager energy on something else. I'm not criticizing anyone and again, I'm just explaining why I'm fairly dispassionate about this blog.

I have two short stories that are being held up by online editors (one for a couple of weeks and one for over a month) and that kind of irritates me. You the reader? That's not your fault, I'm just letting you in on why I am a little more crankier than usual.

So I'll do something for the Bad Lieutenant's Wife soon and then I'm putting all of my effort on the third blog (and related ventures), for the next three weeks or so. I definitely won't be posting here until July 30th at the earliest.

Take care and all the best,

Write Procrastinator

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